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Useless projects
Name Link Short description
Quotes generator http://boltgo.lt/quotes Generate a kinda nice quote.
"This has ... writen all over it" generator http://boltgo.lt/it Always wanted to write something all over "it"? Now you can!
Shitty internet tester http://boltgo.lt/ping How shit is your internet speed?
Is it in ASCII pi? http://boltgo.lt/pi Search for a string in the first 128.000.000 decimals of pi.
DLB API (Dutch) http://api.boltgo.lt An unofficial API for my school system.
The wikigame http://boltgo.lt/wiki Clone of the wikigame, using Web RTC browser-to-browser communication
Boxes & Balls None (local only) A multilayer game featuring boxes and balls.